Experience an ultimate privacy orientated experience with Fifo.

Fifo browser is a privacy orientated browser based on modern frameworks. Experience a modern browser based on new frameworks. Easily intergrate your day with Fifo. Since Fifo is so modern, you don't need to worry about change, you can just enjoy the experience.

Quality features

Meet exciting feature of Fifo

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Fifo has themes with upcoming features, so you can easily customize your browser to your liking.
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Security is important so...

We patch our software regularly to ensure that you have the latest features and security updates. These updates apply automatically.
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Quality & Speed & Privacy

It is not possible to have all of these features togeather! Well, you are wrong. With Fifo these features are packed into one bundle and you can enjoy all of them at the same time.

Core features

Features that you may love this anytime & anywhere

Smart Features

Smart Features

Check news on the go! Weather intergration and more! We are constantly updating Fifo and cannot wait to present our features to you!
Secure Contents

Secure Contents

No infomation gets sent to our servers, including analytics. We are not tracking you, inbuilt fifoblocker allows blockage of ads and trackers.

Quality features

How does Fifo beat other browsers?

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Smart Features

Stop wasting your time waiting for pages to load, we have an inbuilt adblocker that blocks trackers as well. Instantly load pages 10x faster then other browsers.
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Fast Performance

Powered by the chromium rendering engine, we support all sites.
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Nothing ever gets sent to the cloud.
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Unlimited Customization

Change search engines, and tons more..
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Boost Productivity

Using our state of the art tab managment, easily boost your productivity.
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Customer Support

Contact us for problems and we will write right back!

Core features

Stop wasting your time.

Use any website, create groups, save tabs on relaunch, and more. Fifo is the best browser you can ever use.


Whats the function

Let’s see how it works


Download Fifo

Press get started to download the Fifo browser. If you are on linux, run "snap install fifo".

Give Fifo a second...

When the installer finished installing Fifo, feel free to start using Fifo while browsering. After 5 minutes, you can restart Fifo to apply the latest updates.


Press the menu, then settings and edit settings that you want to change. You can also change your theme, language, and more.

Enjoy Fifo

Start using it, no problems!


Meet Client Satisfaction

Stop risking data getting stolen and sold, trackers and ads infecting your computer and the other hassle with the internet.


Stop risking data getting stolen and sold, trackers and ads infecting your computer and the other hassle with the internet.

We do NOT send any data to SnailDOS at all... All of the data sent and recieved is with your permission unless it relates to the auto updater. Press learn more to read about SnailDOS security.


Do not worry, everything is free.

Free Plan

For everyone

  • Access to all source code
  • Free updates whenever, wherever.
  • Always secure.
  • Inbuilt adblocker
  • 24/7 support
  • Based on the Chrome Rendering engine, support for any website.

Get your question answer

Frequently asked question

How do security vulnerabilities get handled? ?
A report will get sent to our contact website (https://snaildos.com/contact) or, you can use the livechat to contact us. Our team will review the vulnerability and take the appropriate action. We will deploy and release the update. After one week these vulnrabilities will be told to the public.
I do not use Windows, what else does Fifo support?
We also support Linux. Ensure you have snap installed and run `snap install Fifo`
How do I contact SnailDOS??
You can use the livechat (yellow chat bubble) or the contact website (https://snaildos.com/contact)
How can I check the updates and changes?