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Fifo is the brand new privacy orientated browser, It's got a inbuilt adblocker, and non resource hungry. It's fast, free and of course, secure.

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Privacy. Is. really. Important.

In our world today, privacy is reallty important, but don't worry, Fifo makes sure you are all safe online.

Taking data from users is UNNACEPTABLE. Fifo does not track ANY data about you, and that's why we are a great browser.

Fifo is Trusted by Hundreds.

Why should I use Fifo?

Fifo is privacy orientated with Duck Duck Go built in, as well as other privacy orienated search engines. We have a inbuilt ad blocker, and a non resource intenseive service. With so many features comming soon, such as chrome extension support, More themes, inbuilt weather and more, we honestly can't wait for you to join us!






So..? What are you waiting for?

Fifo is fast, free and secure...

People around the world, are helping to contribute

to Fifo.

If you want to stay private, and secure, and surf the internet safe, download Fifo,

it is free, forever!

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